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Bet on Juventus

A Juventus bet is the most popular bet on the Serie A, and surprisingly, is the most popular sportsbet in Nigeria. Juventus is the Italian crown jewel – or it has been for quite a few years. In fact Juventus is by far the most successful team in Italy during 2010-2020, and it looks like a hard team to beat for the next 20 years. 

A few things to remember before you play on Juventus: Juventus has won 5 out of the last 7 Coppa d’Italias (since 2021), and they feature the most successful recent Italian players. Betting against them will always be hard. 

A bet on Juventus can be made in many different ways. The simplest form is a bet on the winner of the next game (see below for tables), but most plays on Juventus actually feature multiple bets to get better odds. If you’re looking for a good bet on Juventus, take a look at these tables to know the stats before you play:



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Serie A : A Juventus Bet

Knowing when to bet on Juventus is key. Here is an up to date league status report to guide your Juventus bet.

Juventus Top Players

The best odds on Juve games are made on getting the first, or overall, scorer right. Here is a list of the top scorers in Juventus to get you the right stats to work with. 

Legal Betting Sites by Country

Online betting follows different rules by country. Typically, bookmakers are restricted in the form of advertising and accepting bets – sometimes sites are also blocked. On, we list all the legal betting sites in Africa. Click a country to read more.



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